Hi I'm Eric the CEO and founder of CandyShoppers™ and myneTEC and this is my personal website where i wanna put into all that stuff that matters to me in my freetime.

as you can see it's still under development and as Software Developing is part of how the company i build up is an important part too. there is a saying in the IT world about Software in general:

"it will reach the point where it will be runnable and stable doing what it was build for, but it will never be finished"

in that case i think it will be the same for this page. i wanna work on this thing till i am one day no longer able to it as my personal freetime thing. this makes the whole thing completely limited on my own skills for it. what i think is kind of cool as well. it forces you to work on improvements even in areas where you are not good at

i know it doesn't mean it makes me a pro in the thing as there are much more skilled webbuilders living on that planet way much *showing my respect*. but it gives an authentic build towards expressing myself. thats already the problem with professional made stuff from others. it kind of destroys your own private note to it. and i don't think it would be a good idea for that website here.

for the company i am running, the website i will sooner or later switch into that pro webuilder area for sure. letting others do the design and artwork better suited than myself.

but i think it would be wrong for my private self project thingy here. it won't be just me anymore connected to this website here then and since growing up with spartanic lifestyle and in more or less rather poor environment. i decided it would be best to let it stay that way ;)

as you can see i registered this domain by 28th nov in 2010 while still in university for IT and economics.

so it took me now over 10 years to get a solid build based on own skills for this. i recently started publishing my first book this and further of the book projects can be find at: Books whatelse? you can also contact me if you are more interested into those projects via: e-mail: click/touch me

yes it took me a long road..

in the beginnings i was just thinking hey cool i wanna buy that name as a domain and build myself an own website as it is connected to the famous hacker movie from the 90s where i got the nickname from.

but ok let's just say i walked a bit of a different way since then. more hmm let's say alternative. But i learned a lot on that road and won't miss some of this experience either ;) so here we are now in the year 2021 and let's see where this will develop into :)

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